Boatmen Since 1770

Traditional High Quality Ropes & Fenders - made by skilled and highly experienced craftsmen - for narrowboats, canal boats, wide beam boats, barges, yachts, cruisers and all other waterways craft.

At Black Pig Fenders we only use the highest quality materials and traditional methods to produce the very best fenders and ropes you can find. If you need information and advice, then talk to us. If you have a bespoke requirement to ensure the safety and protection of your craft, talk to us.

Bow & Stern fenders are of a solid heavy weight construction using 30mm rot proofed natural fibre rope for the cores, 7mm hd galvanized short link chain and a hitched covering of either sisal, manila, black staple spun polypropylene or black yarn construction polypropylene rope. Quality materials ensure durability and longevity.

Side fenders include slim, standard or disc rope side fenders or quality pipe fenders.

Mooring lines from 10, 12, 14 & 16mm multifilament polypropylene rope which has high strength and abrasion resistance, is soft to handle and floats. Available in black, navy blue, white, green, tri-colour or traditional style synthetic hemp.

Our range of decorative rope work is made from 100% natural cotton rope.

Not just rope products, we also stock and supply a range of metalwork including mooring equipment, windlasses, fixings, chain etc.

DUKW Fenders are also available on a made to order basis.

We also now have a range of homewares and gifts.