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Mooring Kit #1

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Mooring kit to cover just about any mooring situation on the inland waterways.

Mooring kit comprises:

Pair of galvanized steel mooring pins. Made from 20mm steel bar stock. They have a welded eye to pass your mooring line through for ease of use. The bottom of the mooring pin is cut at an angle to aid penertration into the bank. The top of the mooring pin has a welded washer which after a time the top of the pin splays out and forms a larger striking area, also gives a little protection to your hand whilst hammering the mooring pin. Excellent quality mooring pins suitable for mooring narrowboats, canal cruisers and river boats.

Pair of mooring chains suitable for the mooring of narrowboats or any inland waterway craft on the ever increasing stretches of canals and rivers that have been sheet piled. Made from 6mm hd galvanized short link chain, with a 3.5" plated ring one end and a 2.5" plated ring the other. Joined with a 6mm D shackle. Quick and easy to use, for long or short term mooring.

Pair of chromed steel piling hooks, the quick and easy way to moor against the ever increasing amount of sheet piling on the canals and rivers. Suitable for the short term mooring of narrowboats or any inland waterway craft.

One quality fibre handled lump hammer.